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ASA offers certifications for Food Tour Guides, Culinary Event Emcees, and business professionals in the culinary tourism industry and beyond

Certified Food Tour Guide (CFTG)

Becoming an important part of the Food Tour industry is the need for guide certifications. A CFTG ensures she or he understands how to effectively run a Food Tour while keeping in mind the client, the company, and the vendors.

Understanding the position

From the main points to the nuances, Food Tour Guide Certifications bring qualified individuals into the world of the Culinarian, or the world of Food Tours and Culinary Events.

hands-on screening and training

The CFTG goes through a rigorous screening, interviewing, and training process in order to achieve certification.

Certification is provided on a one-on-one basis, and includes a proprietary variety of in-person, on the job, and remote training methods in order to ensure a full understanding of the industry and of the profession.

Job placement

CFTG's have a strong job placement rate, as they immediately become candidates for subsidiaries of Food Tour Corp, the largest and fastest growing food tour company in North America.

ASA51 food tour company certification

ASA51 is the symbol of excellence within the food tour industry. The 51point certification scale drives quality checks throughout the entire company.

<>The certification is currently undergoing final trials, and will be available for food tour companies throughout the United States and Canada in summer 2016.